Home Medicines Review

Many people struggle to take their medicines as prescribed, be this because they take multiple medicines or multiple doses, they are confused by directions on medicines, or they are worried about side effects. Your pharmacist may be able to help you through a Home Medicines Review (HMR) though which will assist you to better manage and understand your medicines.

The services have been designed to enhance the quality use of medicines, reduce the chance of a harmful occurrence or side effect, and are conducted by a pharmacist in your home.

They involve a comprehensive clinical review of your medicines and are conducted by a specially accredited pharmacist.

The pharmacist conducts the review on referral from your general practitioner (GP).

The service involves cooperation between the GP, pharmacist, other health professionals and you, their patient (and, where appropriate, your carer).  

A HMR service improves the patient’s and health professionals’ knowledge and understanding about medicines, facilitates cooperative working relationships between members of the health care team in the interests of patient health and wellbeing and provides medication information to the patient and other health care providers involved in the patient’s care.

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